What is AMSTI? 
Math Resources
Hayden Elementary School
AMSTI is the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative.  It is the Alabama Department of Education’s initiative to improve math and science teaching statewide.  Its mission is to provide all students in Grades K-12 with the knowledge and skills needed for success in the workforce and/or postsecondary studies.  AMSTI was recognized as one of six "exemplary models in laboratory education" at the National Lab Skills Symposium hosted by the Center for Excellence in Education, McLean, VA, April 7, 2010.  Click here to see the many awards and accolades AMSTI has earned.

Hayden Elementary School has been an AMSTI school for the past four years.  We continue to develop our understanding of how students learn mathematics and science. 

As parents, we know that you want your child to succeed in school.  Since many of the methods that we are teaching are different than what we were taught as students, we have created a collection of resources that parents can access.  We hope that by seeing the strategies that teachers are using in the classroom, parents can join us in our efforts to deepen students' mathematical knowledge.  The following strategies represent a framework that shows the progression of student understanding through the mathematical skill.  Our goal is for students to use the algorithms that we were taught as students, but first to understand the mathematical concepts behind them.  These videos show some of that journey.   

Adding on a  Number Line
Adding by Place Value
"Big Seven" Division with Remainder
"Big Seven" Division
Break Apart Addition Strategy
Division Strategies

Doubling and Halving Multiplication
Open Area Multiplication Strategy
Subtracting on a Number (1)
Subtracting on a Number Line (2)
Subtracting on a Number Line (4)
Subtracting on a Number Line (3)

Break Apart Multiplication Strategy

Break Apart Multiplication Strategy 2

Using Arrays in Multiplication
Click on the play button for the video that you would like to view.  To make the video full-screen, double-click on the picture.  To exit the video, click on the down arrow on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. The volume can also be adjusted up and down using the slide near the bottom.