Each year we honor the veterans in our community for Veterans’ Day.  We need your help!  We would like for you to send us the names of veterans that are in your family, or are your friends, or neighbors.  This would help us invite as many of the veterans in the community as possible.  We would also love to have pictures of these veterans so that we can include them in a Power Point presentation.  If you have a deceased veteran that you would like honored, please send us information on them as well.

In addition to the ceremony, we will be hosting a luncheon for these veterans.  It’s going to be a great day!  We’re going to need volunteers that day, so if you’re interested in helping, please let us know.  You may contact me (svailsmith@blountboe.net) with questions, pictures, or ideas on how to make this more meaningful for not only our students, but also the veterans we are trying to honor. 

A big thanks to Traditions Bank for sponsoring our luncheon for our veterans!  Please tell them how much you appreciate them for supporting our efforts to recognize and honor our Veterans.

Hayden Elementary
Veteran's Day Program
November 9, 2016
Lunch at 11:00 at Hayden Elementary School