Health Services
     Health Room and Medications 

Health Room 

Every effort is made to keep children at school; however, it is sometimes necessary to send a child home.  If you will not be available to pick your child up in the event of sickness, please make sure that at least one of your emergency contacts is available each day in the event of illness or injury. 


A.    Prescription medication will not be administered at school unless a completed Medication Prescriber / Parent Authorization form  that specifically addresses the medication to  be administered is on file in the school Health Room.  This  form must be signed by both the parent/guardian and the Physician that prescribed the medication. 
B.Parents/guardians must personally deliver the medication to the school office in the current labeled bottle in which the prescription was originally dispensed.  It is preferred that a four week supply be turned in at a time. 
  • The medication will be counted in the presence of a parent/guardian and the count initialed by both the school nurse or the trained medication assistant and the parent/guardian. 
  • We ask that you give the morning dose at home if possible. Medications will only be dispensed at school at the time prescribed. 
  • The Blount County School Nurse recommends that any medications prescribed for “three times a day” be taken at home.  The middle dosage can be given at home as soon as the child arrives home from school. 

C.Non-prescription medications must be delivered in the original unopened container to the school office by parents/guardians.  A Non-Prescription/Parent Authorization form must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian. 

D.In the absence of complete documentation, medications (prescription and non prescription) will not be administered.  This documentation must be updated each year.