About Hayden Elementary School
Hayden Elementary School consists of third and fourth grade students. Although Hayden Elementary existed for many years on another campus, our current school is in its seventh year at this location. Because of the large number of students in the Hayden schools, the schools were re-organized, beginning in the 2007-2008 school year. Kindergarten through second grade students are now housed at Hayden Primary School; fifth through seventh grade students attend Hayden Middle School, and eighth through twelfth grade students attend Hayden High School.

There are 25.5 certified staff members in our school, with 18 homeroom teachers. Pupil-teacher ratios are currently 18-20 students for each third grade class and 25 students for each fourth grade class. Our central focus at this school is to help students achieve at the highest levels. Our mission is “to create great human beings.” All teachers are Alabama Reading Initiative (ARI) trained and AMSTI (Alabama Math,  Science & Technology Initiative) trained. Our site-based reading coach, Mrs. Julia Wall, works with teachers to help them deliver the highest quality instruction possible.  

Hayden Elementary is in its sixth year as an Alabama Math, Science, & Technology Initiative (AMSTI) school . Teachers are trained in hands-on methods for teaching math & Science. Your child will be participating in  science experiments, collecting data, and using the scientific method. All homeroom teachers are trained in AMSTI.

We have an awesome physical education program at Hayden Elementary School.  Our facilities feature a dedicated gym, a large playground, a walking track, and a multi-purpose playing field. The playground, walking track, and field areas were made possible through community fundraising and grants. We are constantly seeking to expand the physical education program through the purchase of equipment and materials.

Hayden Elementary School has a half-time counselor, Mrs. Lora Prince. Check out her web page and feel free to contact her regarding your child. 

Our librarian, Mrs. Monica Moorer, is a vital part of our faculty. She sponsors the yearbook, along with being involved in virtually every activity that occurs.

Mr. Shawn Marsh is the principal of Hayden Elementary School. This is his third year at Hayden Elementary School. You may contact him via e-mail by clicking the button below.

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